26 Sep

I just wanted to post a good customer experience I had.  A while back i purchased a wicked awesome bottle opener from whynotbe.comCheck them out, they open any type of glass beer/soda bottle with ease.  My wife, Michelle loves it.  We picked up the stainless steel one at $19.95 + shipping.

Well a week or so ago, it broke.  Somehow the spring popped out and it no longer worked.  Michelle, obviously, visibly upset, said to just buy a new one.

Well, instead, I sent an email to them stating my case and asked if there was any warranty, assuming there wasn’t, I was ready to buy another one.

I received an email from Paul from WhyNotBe and he stated that all I had to do was pay the shipping, and he would send me a replacement.  He also said that if I wanted to order another one, that he would ship it as well for the same $4.00 shipping.


Well, it took about 4 days to arrive, but I have a replacement opener and I picked up an additional one for my mom.

Way to go.  Excellent customer service.



One Response to “whynotbe.com”

  1. Easy Bottle Opener October 8, 2008 at 02:27 #

    That is a pretty cool deal

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