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Baby’s on the way

17 Jun

My sister to be is at the hospital, we are awaiting the arrival of Gisela.  Can’t wait to meet her.  Congrats guys.



21 Apr

So I’m set up with Square now. I can take Credit Card, Debit Card, and gift card payments now. Check it out.


What’s going on?

5 Sep

So I’m watching the boys play Zombies on COD:WAW, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Shiver me timbers. . .

8 May

OK, so check out this out.  If you’re a Facebook fan and remember the good ole days of Contra, take a gander at the following site.

Cierra on a Bike

7 May

So I recorded Cierra riding her bike without training wheels.  I put it together in iMovie on the Mac.  Other than the crappy amateur recording, it came out pretty good.  Take a look.

OMG. . .

7 May

OK, so It’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted, ridiculous, I know. I wanted to drop a line and let you know you can follow me on Twitter @fester to get updates.

I’m gonna post some photos and a video in a bit so stay frosty.

Vote for me. . . .

8 Oct

I submitted a picture of Cierra for a Photo contest, if you get a moment, please take a second to vote by clicking the link (her picture) below.

Vote for my photo!

Thank You.