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29 Nov

I recently picked up a Magic Jack from

It normally cost $39.99 per year, well actually, for the first year, and then $19.99 after that, but there is a special right now,$29.99.  I don’t know how long it will last for, but it’s a pretty good deal.



God Bless America

5 Nov

Whether your Black or White, Republican or Democrat. Today is a historic day.

God Bless America!

. . man I love this country.



Trick or Treat: Halloween Rules of Engagement

23 Oct

Thought this was fitting for next week. . .

I got my reeboks laced up and ready to go. . . errr. . . for the kids I mean.


Vote for me. . again, please. . . . :-)

13 Oct

This is for a different contest, This contest is Nature related.

Vote for my photo!
If you get a chance, it would, again, be much appreciated.
Also, we put tile in the bathroom downstairs too, so I’ll be posting pictures of that, and the front entrance area, soon, so keep checking back.

Vote for me. . . .

8 Oct

I submitted a picture of Cierra for a Photo contest, if you get a moment, please take a second to vote by clicking the link (her picture) below.

Vote for my photo!

Thank You.


Carpet town revisited. .

7 Oct

Well, we finished the front door area with tile.  Looks awesome.  I will post some pictures after the grout dries.  We still have to seal the grout, but that’s usually no problem.  Michelle figured out that if you clean the grout off the tile, then buff with a towel, it gets cleaner ALOT faster.  We went over the tile 4-5 times last time to get them clean.

So adios for now, I’ll post the pics soon. . . so don’t forget to check back.



Well, here is the pictures of the front entry way. .

I know, I know, it’s not finished. We still need to put up the threshold between the floor and the carpet, and we need to put up a closet door.

We also finished the bathroom floor as well.

Other than the toilet leaking a little, it went relatively smoothly.

So there you have it, we are now done with the tiling, well until Michelle decides she wants to tile something else.


Needle Macro

30 Sep

I took this with my 55-200mm and 50mm coupled together, backwards.

It’s pretty sweet looking I think.